first day of second trip to Dar es Salaam

In Dar! After a long but reasonably comfortable journey (I recommend Emirates!) am now happily settled in the Eureka Pool House, which is everything you would expect from the name. The place is basic yet very comfortable and very ‘arty’ for all that. The calling from the nearby church, a beautiful garden and the pool itself makes for a feeling of a relaxation and peace. An oasis indeed in the middle of chaos outside that I remember from my first trip, but is no less unfamiliar (nor less daunting!) to my western eyes. Power cuts are a common thing in Dar and last night some borrowed candles and the head torch I had brought with me ‘just in case’ came in very useful. The morning sunshine however made up for any electrical misbehaviour.

Tomorrow I will go to the Mabinti Centre….today a staff meeting ensured that, unusually, it was closed to visitors.Eureka Pool House(For anyone who may be visiting Dar es Salaam The Eureka Pool House along with the Eureka Garden house on the same compound can be rented out through the Airbnb website)

Eureka Pool House

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